RLA Miniset 73

Red Leather Art
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Hey once more.  I present to you all: the first mini-set (sort of) featuring the elf druid Xan! In this mini-set, he teaches a slutty bandit queen a lesson... mostly as punishment for her assorted (and mostly depraved) crimes against the male elven slaves her band had captured. As per usual, he won't actually be doing the sexy stuff personally - but that is what summoning magic is for. :) I think you will all enjoy it as much as she will! :D

45 images total!!! Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

The current mini-sets are available to mid-level patrons via my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Most of my main/story arc image sets are also available free on my site: http://redleatherart.com/wp/

  • 45 HD renders.

  • Size
    22.7 MB
  • 45 HD renders.
  • Size22.7 MB
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RLA Miniset 73

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