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This mini-set features Helenya and Zayla's favorite elven slave boy! 49 images total!

In regard to the story/setup of this one - it is a bit longer than usual; but not quite short story level... but here it is:

Helenya recently made an amazing discovery in a distant cave system... an ancient elven fertility altar! These were extremely rare to find - and the very few that remained were hardly ever used these days... but they were famous for their powers to enhance fertility and virility. This altar looked mostly intact - even the magical torches were still burning! Under a full moon - these altars were rumored to increase fertility and virility over ten times, effectively guaranteeing pregnancy to any remotely fertile woman. Unfortunately, this altar had been buried underground - and therefore had no access to the moonlight... (not that it was a full moon right now anyway) but theoretically, it could still magnify those sexual attributes by at least five times on it's own!

The lusty succubus could feel the raw lust emanating from the circle... just standing in it made her body flush with magical heat, and made her pussy even wetter. Sadly, her mother's seal on her belly prevented her from getting pregnant - but she could still utilize the power of the altar to get a lot more semen from elven slaves than was normally possible. Zayla's minions were hesitant to "play" with her these days... and her male slaves usually didn't give her too much cum on their own; but this magic circle could greatly help Helenya have her fill of her favorite food. Tens of thousands of filthy and debauched sexual acts had taken place on this altar during it's time... but it had been abandoned for over two thousand years - since an earthquake pulled it underground. It was definitely time to put such amazing power to good use again... it would be a true sin not to!

With that in mind, she flew back to Zayla's lair and grabbed one of her best elven slave boys, and brought him to the altar. Zayla would likely never even notice his short absence, due to the volume of her slave pen... and she generally cared far less for the males anyway - especially after getting her hands on Salune. Helenya also had a bad habit of sucking and/or fucking most all of Zayla's slaves/minions dry as it was - she wouldn't be surprised to catch her doing this, only angry that she wasn't invited. :D This elf in particular had a history with Helenya - as she was the one who brought him to Zayla... and since he became one of her favorite elven slave boys, that earned her some points. The curvy succubus had fucked this elf dozens of times before... so he was more tolerant of her than most other slaves - and he could usually go at least two good rounds with her at this point.

Upon arrival, Helenya threw her playmate down in the center of the altar, snapped off her magic monokini, and got down on top of him - and ordered him to service her, while she did the same. A thick and steady stream of precum was leaking out of his already rock-hard cock... more than Helenya had ever seen before with no real stimulation yet. The power of the altar was certainly real - and extremely exciting to her. Thousands of children had been conceived on this altar in ages past; and while they would not be contributing to that this time, they were still honoring ancient deities that have been long forgotten with what they planned to do that night... and perhaps they will be rewarded with more than just an amazing night. :D Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

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  • 49 HD renders.

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  • 49 HD renders.
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RLA Miniset 69

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