RLA Miniset 66

Red Leather Art
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This month's mini-set features Faye and a super cute elven courtesan, Delfina! 36 images total!

As for the setup for this mini-set; back before Faye managed to find a man she could regularly fuck, she had to make do with whatever she could... which sometimes happened to be the best elf whores in the city. When she first started her new job, Delfina (the youngest elf working at the Pink Butterfly, and one of the most popular girls in general) often stopped by Faye's shop for infertility potions... which she quickly found herself needing each week due to all the customers she was getting. After a couple visits, they agreed on a very special deal. The elf would come by late in the evening on her day off each week and pick up a few infertility potions... which she paid for by servicing Faye with the full extent of her assorted skills! Needless to say, this worked out quite well for everyone... and assorted passionate lesbian fun followed - mostly with the fancy toys the elf brought over each week (and usually pre-warmed). :D Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

The current mini-sets are available to mid-level patrons via my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Most of my main/story arc image sets are also available free on my site: http://redleatherart.com/wp/

  • 36 HD renders.

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  • 36 HD renders.
  • Size12.5 MB
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RLA Miniset 66

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