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Hey again! I am back with a new mini-set preview, of the upcoming mini-set that I am working on, which features Karen and Matt!

This newest mini-set is a sequel of sorts to the previous Karen mini-set (#70)... and is a more hopeful, end of pandemic/social distancing kind of thing. It was Karen's turn this month, as well as time for a new M/F couple mini-set, and I had also been meaning to work Matt into one of these for a long while as well - so here that is. (His first appearance in a mini-set, which I have been meaning to do forever; but due to the nature of his character, Karen is effectively the only girl he could pair up with right now.)

The story/setup is simply that it is several months after the previous mini-set, and the plague is effectively over - very few people are getting sick now, but it will likely be another month or two before the brothels reopen, and Karen can go back to work. However - one of her many friends/lovers has dropped by to help cheer her up in the mean time, now what it is considered safe to do so. Matt brought her some nice pink roses, since she loves pink, as well as flowers; and told her that he would do his best to cheer her up... even though he knew what she surely would want to do, given her job/reputation... and being pent up alone for so long. The next few hours were quite rough and passionate - but very much deserved on both counts, and they both enjoyed it immensely. The following morning, Matt would leave the mansion where Karen was staying rather tired, and in some moderate pain, from having that much sex in so short a period. He was nowhere near as skilled as most men, due to his overly proper and kind nature... but he wanted to help Karen feel better - and he had definitely done that; so it was more than worth it to him... and he found himself missing her before he even got back to his home. :)

66 images total! Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

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  • 66 HD renders.
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RLA Miniset 78

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