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Hi all. I am back with another new mini-set - which features the return of a very old side character of mine, Ryna! (The older elf sister from RTL.) I have meant to do a mini-set with at least one of those RTL elves for ages, but never got around to it - until now! As you have likely seen from the preview above, this mini-set will center around Ryna and the slender, female Moon Elf Herbalist that her and Arane have been staying with for the past several months. (The big sister once again feels the need to take charge and earn most of their keep; which has only gotten harder since Arane had a kid...) Things have gotten a bit more complicated recently though - and now Ryna has to plead with the moon elf to not throw them all out...

It was time for a lesbian set of some sort this month as well... so here we go; also don't think I have had a moon elf in the normal content/world (Luscious doesn't count - as she is an Xmas elf.) just yet... so here is that too. There is a fairly long extended story/setup for this one as well, over on my site - so anyone interested can go and check that out too! (You can also see what content types are involved by looking at the tags on this over on my site as well... as if you couldn't guess most of it just from the setup...)

62 images total! Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

The newest mini-set (or a free choice of any existing mini-set on even numbered months) is available to mid-level patrons via my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Most of my main/story arc image sets are also available free on my site: http://redleatherart.com/wp/

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  • 62 HD renders.
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RLA Miniset 84

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