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This mini-set features Karen and some of her favorite toys - in a solo/self-isolation themed mini-set! 26 images total! Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

The setup for this is as follows (it is also a significant nod to the current world situation) - there was a plague making the rounds in Lithorca; everyone seemed to be getting sick and dying, and at first nobody knew what to do... so everyone stayed inside, and wore masks and gloves. A month later though - people seem to be fine so long as they don't go out and get near others... which is really hard on Karen. She has been staying at a friend's house (the rich lesbian girl from mini-set 18) for almost two months now... and her situation is really starting to get to her. Karen desperately wants to go back to working at the brothel - and getting tons of sex... but that just wasn't safe or possible right now; especially due to her advanced pregnancy. Her friend's head maid had even come by yesterday and talked to her - warning Karen that she could give birth any time now... and that she needed to be ready for that. The head maid had also brought her a bassinet and some blankets, just in case she needed it... along with a louder service bell - for her to ring if she felt her contractions start.

Her friend was rich, and very generous at least - and she had her maids bring Karen all sorts of fancy fruits and expensive food, so she had been well cared for... but her head maid forbade them from 'physical contact'; it was just too dangerous, even though they both had been sheltered and isolated for months - she did not want to risk her mistress's health. She wouldn't even let Karen borrow any of her friend's toys, so she had to just make do with her hands for the time being. There were no male servants in her mansion either... so Karen hadn't gotten a good fucking in almost two months - which was almost unbearable; it was by far the longest she had been without sex for several years. The pregnant courtesan wasn't one of the most popular girls in the city for nothing... she had quite the appetite - and saw any customer, regardless of race. She basically saw double the customers that the other girls did... even while she was pregnant - and despite her only being a human.

The maids caught Karen crying a lot lately... and so they brought her pretty flowers, books, plants, and even expensive wine to try and cheer her up... but she was still very frustrated and depressed from her lack of any good action. Fortunately, the pregnant courtesan managed to convince the head maid to let one of the other girls from the brothel bring some of her things by... which she did. Her other friend had brought her a box of her favorite toys, as well as her favorite teddy bear. This would at least help make her feel a little better; they weren't real cocks - but they would have to do. At least she had something to help her pass the time a bit better now; she just hoped that the fun she was about to have wouldn't cause her to go into labor...

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  • 26 HD renders.

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  • 26 HD renders.
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RLA Miniset 70

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