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Hey again guys. This fun mini-set features Salune and that one brown-skinned elf with tattoos that I have put in a handful of assorted content.  (Usually with Salune... and this mini-set is also a continuation/sequel to an old mini-set I did almost three years ago, #46.) However, in this new mini-set, Salune is finally allowed to "reunite" with one of her favorite playmates, after not being forbidden from doing so for several months - due to her pregnancy. Assorted fun ensues... and feel free to check the post for this over on my site for more details and much more of a written setup. (Far too much to post here - around a thousand words!)

As usual, I have the tags for this on the main post over on my site as well - for a better idea of what is planned to be included in here; but that may change, as per usual. I also hope you all enjoy the preview above. (I am surprised at how much I like it, actually.)

58 images total! Needless to say, this content is NSFW and for adults only.

The current mini-sets are available to mid-level patrons via my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Most of my main/story arc image sets are also available free on my site: http://redleatherart.com/wp/

  • 58 HD renders.

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  • 58 HD renders.
  • Size26.1 MB
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RLA Miniset 81

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